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18 March 2009

Trust Takes Time

After about a year and a half of being involved in a particular networking organization, quite suddenly in the last three or four weeks, six different members of that group have approached me and expressed interest in possibly hiring me.  In the preceding not quite 18 months, I had been approached by one, or maybe two people in the group.

While this is not really surprising, it does provide a good reminder to me, which I offer in turn to any of you who may also be seeking to build your business through networking.  As they say in BNI (Business Network International), networking is about farming, not about hunting, and trust takes time.  By getting to know the members of the group, educating them about my business in short "infomercials," being friendly, patient, and available, I have now gained enough favorable attention to earn some clients in the group.

If you're in a networking group and are relatively new to it, have faith and patience.  Help the other members however and whenever you can, and rewards will come.

If you've been in a group for two years or longer and are not getting business, either the group is not a good fit for you, or it's time to revise your networking strategy in that group.  Let me know how I can help.

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