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26 January 2009

I Approve of This Message

Without getting too bogged down in politics, I do want to reflect on the shift that is taking place with the transfer of authority from our previous President to the current one.  There are many important messages being sent and received right now, across the entire political spectrum, but the one I like best is the message of personal accountability.

I couldn't help but get the sense, over the last eight years, that our government wanted us to sit quietly and let it take care of us.  Report suspicious activity to the proper authorities.  Relinquish all sharp objects, bottles of liquid and your shoes at the airport check point.  Be afraid of the shadows, lock your doors, and await further instructions.  Duck and cover!  And to disagree or question these policies is unpatriotic at best, and treasonous at worst.

It may be too much to hope for that we'll get our penknives back at the airports during the Obama administration, but one message is ringing out loud and clear: every American must participate in rebuilding our nation's economy, health care, and global reputation.  It is the message of personal accountability.  The message that "we are the ones we've been waiting for."

It should hardly be surprising that a business coach appreciates this message.  After all, personal accountability is the cornerstone of success.  The sooner you take full, deep ownership of your own beliefs, passions, desires, goals, and actions, the sooner you will achieve the results you want.  As you set your sights on the future, ask yourself: "is this what I really want?  Why do I want this?  How will my life be better if I achieve this?  What consequences will I face if I don't?"  If you don't discover powerfully compelling answers to these questions, you may find yourself missing your target -- and when you do, you will likely be tempted to blame outside forces (the weather, the economy, your spouse/parents/kids/boss) for your failure.

Blaming something outside your control may make you feel better for the moment, but it's nothing but a candy coating on a bitter pill.  As your grade-school teachers used to say, when you cheat, you're really not cheating anyone but yourself.  Although your success or failure may be influenced by outsiders, and may influence others, ultimately it rests squarely upon your own shoulders.

The good news is, responsibility leads directly to power.  The more you take ownership of your goals, and face your challenges with courage, the more you will discover you have the power to make great things happen.  Empowerment comes from within you, and it is a choice you get to make every day. 

So own your dreams, your projects, and your goals.  Empower yourself to achieve the success you are designing for yourself and your world.  Connect to your passion and sharpen your focus.  Use more of what you have.  Get more of what you want.

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