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03 November 2008

If a blog falls in the woods...

While I've had plenty of enthusiasm for writing over the last several months, I've evidently lacked the discipline to publish Magic Words in predictable scheduled newsletter format.  This is the next step in my ongoing professional evolution - we'll see how it works out.

Tomorrow is Election Day, and no blog would be complete without mention of it.  As it happens, the race of most immediate concern to me is my own: learn more about that at my campaign website, quick, before it's too late.  The key to democracy is not to vote for some particular candidate or issue; they key to democracy is simply to vote.  If 30% of eligible voters go to the polls, we only know what the majority of that 30% want.  Do you really want 15% -plus-one of all eligible voters making the choices that impact our nation's results for the next four years and beyond?

And that's really the heart and soul of everything, isn't it?  Each choice you make, including the choice not to choose, will impact your results from that moment on.  It's worth taking the time to research your options, search your heart, and make the best choice you can.  In politics, and in life.  Make your choice based on the results you want, for yourself and for your world -- and whenever you don't like the results you're getting, re-examine your choices.

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